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Please call/text/e-mail with at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule.  There will be a cancelation/no show fee charged if 24 hours notice isn't given. The fee will be 50% of the scheduled service. There may be other clients that would like to have a treatment if you cannot attend yours. 


When you park your vehicle, please park in front of my home facing back down the road, past my mailbox.  If you need to park closer to the salon door because of health reasons or rain, please let me know.  


When you enter, please ring the doorbell and walk in.   Please come in and shut the door behind you.


I usually leave plenty of time between clients because I do have limited parking. If I have another client coming, I may need to keep to my schedule and not take extensive time to chat after your appointment.  Inside I have a sitting area if needed.


When you buy a product and cannot use it, refunds will be granted up to 14 days of purchase.


As always, I appreciate any suggestions you want to offer.  My goal is to grow so please refer your friends. As a Thank You, you'll receive $25 off your next service.


Gift Certificates Available

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