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Celebrate My Grandma’s 100 Years!

When you spend 2 hours of garbage/recycling during March, you can receive $5 off your service during March. My grandma Eileen Zurfluh will turn 100 years old on March 28th. Let's honor her by honoring our environment.  
Thank you!
 We love our neighborhood

Thank you for believing in our neighborhood small business.  You are encouraging my dream and supporting our family.

Pamper yourself in an appointment-only, private salon. Enjoy undivided attention while enhancing your natural beauty. Hair care services include cuts, color, perms, 50% curl-taming. Rejuvinate your skin through chemical peels and a customized skin care maintenance routine. Get rid of unwanted hair with waxing or electrolysis. Minimize scars, replace pigment to even skin tone or add fullness and shape with permanent make-up. Please visit our Hair and Skin Services for more detailed information.

Natural Enhancements Salon is located in the Flowers Crossing subdivision serving clients in Lawrenceville, Snellville, Grayson, Lilburn and other Gwinnett County areas. For questions or to make an appointment, kindly fill out the Contact Form here or send Dawn a message via email.

"A few words come to mind:  comfortable, safe, private, relaxing, quiet and serene. It's nice to not be in a "bullpen" environment when I am having
"take care of myself" time. I look forward to my next visit!"

We proudly use & sell PCA Skin products.

Gift Certificates Available

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